Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bill's playlist from Saturday, June 17

Schoolgirl 11/11/67
Dupree's > I'm Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail (Keller/Keels) 6/10/06
From the Heart of Me, 12/28/78
Minglewood, 6/15/90
Just a Little Light, 6/15/90
Stagger Lee, 6/15/90
Desolation Row, 6/15/90
Mr. Man (Govt Mule), 6/10/06
2nd That Emotion, 4/13/71
Weird Carousel Ballroom promo (man chanting promo w/woman singing Shabbat prayer in background)
Big RR Blues, 12/26/70
Maybelline (Great American String Band), 4/27/74 Marin Cty Bluegrass Fest.
Johnny B. Goode, Ibid
NFA>Black Peter>Sugar Mag, 8/30/80
China Doll Deadicated album (Suzanne Vega)


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